About Us

Alima’s was started in 1990 by Alima Ali with a staff of two. For two years Alima (still the current owner) and friends concentrated on making only parathas and dhalpuris for a small number of customers. Orders were received by phone. There were no walk-in customers and no signage as the business was not as yet ‘public’. Advertising was by word-of-mouth only. 

At the end of 1992 we decided to open to the public by putting up signage and creating a take-out area. 

We have now grown from the staff of two to a fantastic staff of over 30. Our menu has expanded over the years and now includes a variety of Caribbean pastries, curries, sweets, sauces, and must-haves like polouri, aloopies and doubles. 

In addition to our retail service, we now supply many restaurants, stores, and caterers across Southern Ontario with our flatbreads and other items.

We are now offering an online direct-to-home service for an easier and more convenient way to get our food to your table. 

For details about using this website to order food for delivery, please see our FAQs page by clicking HERE.